Aussie Detectorists

There are Many Aussie detectorists out in the field making awesome videos for us to watch on those days when you can’t go out hunting yourself.

Below I have added a selection of Aussie Detectorists that you can watch on your downtime. This list is being added to all the time so check back to get the latest Aussie detectorist video channels.

I personally love the video age as by watching different detectorists in action you nearly always pick up a small hint or tip that makes detecting easier.

The equipment used is also very diverse from the entry level up to the best of the best. The home made digging tools, various finds pouches and the vast array of pin pointers that are in use are always Interesting to watch.

One thing that I have learned while watching Aussie detectorists in action is to watch the area’s that they hunt. Not to go and night hawk them, but to see what areas of parks and beaches they choose to detect on. It’s been a great source of knowledge and tips just watching the background to many videos.

So enough of me, here they are a big Bunch of Aussie detectorists making video for us.

Thanks to all the Metal Detecting video producers out there, I for one appreciate the time you take to record and edit your videos and to provide such good information to the detecting community in Australia.

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Ramjet Metal Detecting
Ramjet Metal Detecting

Ramjet Metal Detecting
I have been a bit of a closet fan for a while now,
Great quality videos, excellent editing and THE FINDS!
Its rare not to pick up at least one tip per video from
Ramjet Metal Detecting.

NQ Explorers
NQ Explorers.

NQ Explorers
Probably the more experienced Aussie detectorists out of the Bunch,
Their Relic hunting is incredible and the finds from war time sites
are right up there. Gold prospecting Gemstones these guys do the lot.
Heavily involved with Garrett their equipment features predominately.

Willo’s Australian Coin, relic and Gold detecting

Willo’s Australian Coin, relic and Gold detecting
A Lot of video to watch on this Channel. The latest videos show some very
nice older coin finds and I learn a lot about research here.
Thrown in some gold videos and with over 100 Uploaded you have
plenty to watch from this great Aussie detectorist.

Digging Australia, Great Coin and Relic Channel

Digging Australia
Digging Australia

This is a very good channel and the young fella that makes these videos has
some excellent skills with both detecting and editing.
Very enjoyable to watch, especially for me as I have family in that area.
Great Channel.

World wide dirt fishing
World Wide Dirt Fishing

World Wide Dirt Fishing,

I’ve been enjoying these video’s and there is lots of Hunting action.
The video collection is growing and the filming and editing are pretty Good.

Enjoy the Videos.

Aussie Treasure Hunter

Aussie Treasure Hunter
Aussie treasure hunter

These young fella’s do really well and the excitement level is great.
Good finds and they love a bottle dump as much as a coin spill.
Great Channel and deserving of support.

Support the Young Aussie Detectorists

Aussie Coin Shooter

Aussie coin Shooter
Aussie coin shooter

Another Young Fella and he does a great job of making Video and doing reviews.
Latest video is short but a great find, the excitement gets me every time.

Keep supporting these Channels so we all have something to watch in our down time,
Beats reality TV any day!

KEEP Supporting Our Aussie Detectorists!!